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The Roimata (and Owens Reef)

A former tugboat working in Port Vila, the Roimata was sunk just off Moso Island on North West Efate, Vanuatu, in 42m by long time Vanuatu resident Owen Drew of Coongoola and Tranquillity resort.

Deb and Pete dived this wreck accompanied by Andy, instructor at Tranquillity Eco Resort on Moso. The visibility was 30+m. Two days earlier, the wreck was visible to snorkellers on the surface.

Being relatively new (about 18months), the wreck has not a lot of life as yet. There are some very nice anemones nearby, one inhabited by two types of shrimp. It is an area where there is a good flow of water, so I would expect some soft corals, including fans to start colonising before long.

The second dive was a bit shallower at 20m and was highlighted by some beautiful overhangs, and many soft corals and gorgonian fans. Also saw two large Maori Wrasses, but they did not oblige me by being close enough to photograph.

Two highly recommended dives.

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